Riding Bikes

I have an ongoing dialogue with buddies who ride bicycles. They talk about being a “biker.” I say, “ha! I am a biker… you are a bicyclist. There is a difference between riding a BIKE and a toy!”

This banter continues among and with my die-hard bicycle-riding friends.

However, as an example of good sportsmanship with my twin great nephews, I did not quibble words when they asked me to…

…”ride bikes” with them.

Here we are “riding bikes” on Sunday when I visited them (see below).

This was a great relief and lots of fun, which I needed for my own mental health. I had spent a very intense and difficult two days in Pittsburgh at my mother-in-law’s house while making some more arrangements for comfortable in-home care. She doesn’t want it, but she cannot take care of herself any more. Sad situation.

Anyway, back to happier family times… okay, boys, “let’s ride bikes!”

Life is short: show your family how you love them.

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