What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Some of us of a certain generation may remember a children’s magazine in a doctor’s office that showed a photo and asked, “what’s wrong with this picture?”

Actually, the picture itself is fine. What they are asking is, “what in this photo is wrong?” For example, I posted before about the rider in the image to the right who I saw riding on I-5 in Seattle a couple years ago. A real contender for the Darwin Award.

Being a safety-minded rider who believes in ATGATT, I present to you a new marketing photo…

… to ask, “what’s wrong with this picture?”

Hint: it’s not the boots.This photo was used to market the straps holding down the rider’s jeans. But, eh, there’s a lot wrong going on in this photo.

==> This just in! Don’t go postin’ photos of yourself competing for the Darwin Award on social media, either! What’s wrong with this picture?Life is short: “All The Gear, All The Time” saves lives, skin, and body.