Greeting, loyal blog readers,

I appreciate your patience while I had to take a break during one of the most intense periods of needing to attend to my Spouse’s health issues. He still remains quite ill, and we can’t find what’s wrong, despite his been seen and having tests done by four more specialists during the blog break.

But at least now he is…

…stable. I can’t say much more. Another long doctor’s appointment tomorrow is scheduled. I have no hope for anything to come of it.

As intense as my caregiving requirements have been, I realized that I really needed a break. The spouse’s health was stable and he could be alone during the day. When the weather this past Saturday was looking like it was going to be absolutely stunningly perfect (low dew points, warm but not hot, and brilliantly sunny), I arranged a motorcycle ride with some buddies. I needed to get out on the open road, relax, and just ride.

I booted up in my favorite Chippewa Firefighter Boots, utility pants, and comfy and protective white Rev’IT ballistic nylon jacket, checked the bike thoroughly (it was okay), and got out there.

It was the perfect day. One day’s break… now back to work.

Join me during this two-minute video to see my lovely Maryland countryside on a road I had not yet traveled.

Life is short: ride for relief of stress.