Sunny Northwest CONUS

Ol’ BHD and his boots are on business travel again. This week, I am in an area of the country that has a reputation for being wet and soggy many days of the year… except about now. When I arrived in the largest city In the most northwestern state of the continental United States (CONUS), it was…

…brilliant with sunshine and had delightfully warm and dry weather. I took a shuttle from the airport to the hotel that will be my home for the week. The shuttle took me on a major interstate highway quite a distance north from the airport.

Along the route, I saw the most stupid, idiotic, and brilliantly dumb contender for the next first-place position in the Darwin Award contest:SeattleDarwin2SeattleDarwinWinnerblogShorts, sneakers, 3/4 helmet … BUT NOTHING ELSE!

Yep, warm weather in this part of the United States brings out the crazies!

Oh well… I am not here to comment on people who have a death wish. I am here to work, and that I will be doing all week. Wish me well.

Life is short: when riding a motorcycle, wear ALL THE GEAR, ALL THE TIME! (ATGATT!)

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  1. I’ll bet if he had known you were coming, he’d had worn his steel-toe sandals, BHD.

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