Over My Head

Recently I posted that I would purchase SSL certificates and convert both this blog and my website to https:// more secure protocol.

I did that. The results…

…were awful. When I did it for my blog, the directions said that I should install code into an .htaccess file to direct presentation of the blog as https://. It worked! I saw the blog as https://www.bootedmanblog.com.

However, no images appeared anywhere. The header image, as well as all images in all blog posts were not visible.

I googled for information on how to fix it, and was directed to download a plug-in. I found it, installed it, activated it, and not only did I NOT see images on the blog, I could not even log on to the blog to write on it (or moderate comments.)

I spent (or shall I say wasted) three friggin’ HOURS and tried about 20 different things, none of which worked. I could restore log-on, but no images. I could get images, but no log-on. I could get images and log-on, but no https://

Being a glutton for punishment, I tried similarly to install the certificate on http://www.bootedman.com. It also failed. No matter what I did to try to fix it, it only made it worse.

Thankfully, I kept a full backup of both the website and the blog, so I restored each of them to previous settings, then jumped out the window.

Well, almost.

The sun finally came out on Sunday, so with the Spouse’s okay, I jumped on the Harley and went for a head-clearing ride.

I hate this… I am not a technology geek and am rather frustrated. I will wait and try again in another week or two and see what I can work out. Or not.

Life is short: know when you are over your head and when it’s time to quit.

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  1. Like yourself, I am not a computer geek. My IT guy is the neighbor’s fourteen year old son. He’s a whiz at this kind of thing.

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