Leather in August?

The title of this post brings back memories from a long time ago, when I bought a certain type of magazine for the first time. The full title was: Leather in August? No Sweat!

Well, I can’t say the same is true for me. Leather is great, don’t get me wrong. But when it is hot and humid outside, leather just isn’t something I can wear for more than posing for a few pics to update my website. (For example, I took a few pics yesterday of me in my full leather dress shirt and tie.) I will return to wearing leather gear more often once the weather cools off in October. For now, I limit myself to my biker vest. But I always wear boots, regardless.

For the next several blog posts, I will discuss several aspects of leather garments and life as a Leatherman. Leather is no big mystery, but there is an analogy: gay guys in leather to gay guys who ride on Pride floats are like bike cops to regular cops.

It’s funny, but many bike cops have told me that they scare (quite unintentionally) other cops. Same is true for gay guys into leather: the gay guys who aren’t into leather sometimes feel afraid. Yeah, that big bad Leatherman is gonna get you! (LOL!)

If you can not wait for this series of blog posts about leather to appear over the next few days/weeks, then just visit a new in-depth “Leather 101” Guide to Leather Gear on my website.

Meanwhile: BOO! (Just kiddin’) Have a great weekend!