Hol(e)y Leather!

They always say to look for sales in the off-season. Such advice led me to find a sale on a pair of perforated leather jeans that go well with a perforated leather shirt (photo left) that I bought via eBay from NCBootdude in early 2011. I bought a pair of perforated leather jeans from CJ’s Leather in Denver, Colorado in September and received them, custom tailored to my size, in October.

What is perforated leather?

It is just what it sounds like — a leather garment that has small holes in it. The holes are in a pattern, spaced evenly, and not located anywhere near stress points so the garment will not tear during normal use (and the stretching stresses sometimes placed upon a garment when operating a motorcycle.)

When worn without underclothing (except briefs), air will blow through as you ride down the road, keep you cool on a warm day, and keep the sun from causing a sunburn, as well. At least that is how my perforated leather shirt performed this past riding season. I will have to wait until next May (or later) to see how the new perforated leather jeans feel.

Unfortunately, late autumn has already brought our first frost and some wet flakes of snow; not really suitable for trying out the perforated leather jeans outdoors (LOL!) I will, instead, be wearing warmer, thicker, leathers as I continue to ride through the autumn and winter, weather permitting.

If you’re interested, check out CJ’s Leather in Denver, Colorado. While CJ’s has a limited number of leather items, what they make is very good. Among the fetish leather vendors out there, they are among the most reasonable in pricing for quality custom gear.

Life is short: wear leather every day all-year through!