Utah: The Boots and Last Video

Some people have asked, “what boots did you bring with you and wear on your recent motorcycle ride in Utah?

Good question. Readers won’t believe that…

…I brought only one pair of boots to wear on this five-day adventure.

Me… Booted Harleydude… with like a zillion pairs of pairs of motorcycle boots, brought only one pair of boots for this ride.


I wanted boots that:
* would provide traction while operating a big heavyweight motorcycle
* would also be comfortable to walk in on rugged terrain
* were lightweight yet durable
* would remain comfortable in excessive heat that the Southern Utah desert is known for
* would be water-resistent (in case of rain.)

So in discussion with “S”, we decided that each of us would wear Belleville Air Force boots. These boots fit the requirements. (I already owned a pair. “S” bought a new pair just for this trip.)

I was thinking about also bringing and wearing my favorite Chippewa Firefighters, but I did not have enough room in a tightly-packed gear bag. So I (sadly) let go of that notion.

The Bellevilles were great. They were very comfortable, lightweight, and also proved to be waterproof when we got caught in a monsoon on part of the ride and rode through rain four hours (felt like four years.) Also, the versatility and rain protection offered by my new Aerotek jacket was appreciated.More photos of me on that rental Harley wearing these boots in Utah are on my Belleville Air Force boots web page.

Now… for the promised (and last) video from this trip: Join me as I follow “S” through a 1.1-mile long tunnel that was opened in 1930. Very dark and could have been scary had traffic not been held such that we went through this tunnel one-way only.

Then we rode another seven miles through many switchbacks as we entered the Zion National Park. Great ride, great boots, great friend who had the courage and patience to ride with me on this crazy-awesome adventure.

Life is short: Ride in comfort, safely booted.

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  1. BHD, loved your video! Viewing it is like viewing a better ad for the National Parks Service (better because it was on the bike). Next time, make ’em pay you….big!
    Thanks for the views.

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