My blog is delayed with updates. As usual, I am having a bit of writer’s block again because there is just not much new information about boots that I have not already covered before on this blog, on my boot wiki knowledgebase or on or within my website overall.

Plus, The Spouse…

…had planned surgery yesterday to deal with lingering damage to bone structure from the effects of the infectious disease he suffered from between 2012 – 2014. The Spouse will have to have two or three more follow-up procedures for the surgeon to repair the damage, or replace damaged bone tissue with prosthetic implants.

This is going to be a long, long road of surgery, recovery, more surgery, on and on.

Meanwhile, “Acting Boss BHD” at the office is swamped. While I know what I am doing, this job is hard! I value my boss who is away for the next several months on temporary duty more and more in how he handled all these things seemingly effortlessly.

Back at home, Caregiver BHD is fully attentive to what’s important: for better or for worse, in sickness and in health … among the phrases of words in our marriage vows that I still and will always believe.

Life is short: give primary attention where due. Hobbies like blogging can wait.