I’m In Love

Presenting the newest additions to my family, my twin Great Nephews. They are 22 days old in this photo. My brother and I enjoyed hours of cuddling and bonding with them on our birthday, August 16. Best birthday present ever. Ever!

I love and enjoy all of my family, from my nieces and nephews flung far and wide, to their children, my “greats,” who range in age from 22 days to 18 years — about the same age range between the youngest of my siblings (my twin brother) and our oldest sibling, who happens to be the grandfather of these two boys.

I’m in love, all over again. I think I can speak for my brother, too: the look in his eyes matched mine when we were cuddling these little guys — bliss, peace, and love. (Sorry, no photos of him. He retains internet anonymity).

We have much to share about twinship, but the most important lesson is how to raise twins as independent and different people. Our parents helped each of us achieve our best by nurturing our various talents and supporting our different interests. They established a firm foundation — truly, it was love at the base of our bond, from which great things emerged.

Funny, at age 22 days, these boys haven’t discovered that each other exist yet, but when one fusses, the other does. Such is the start of “that twin thing.” One knows when the other is happy, distressed, hungry, poopy, or sleepy. Their cycles are almost identical, even though they don’t know that they are communicating through a bond that cannot be described. It’s just there. My twin brother and I know how each other feel every minute of every day despite vast geographic distances or even when he’s just down the hall in the guest room. We know.

Life is short: cuddle with those you love, and fall in love all over again. (And being the Uncle-ing sort, when they get poopy, hand ’em over to their Mom! LOL!)

1 thought on “I’m In Love

  1. It was a very special time to visit our great nephews and their Mom, our niece. Those boys are so adorable! I could have held them all day (though my arm did begin to get sore!)

    I agree with you: we have many thanks to give to our parents who raised us as independent individuals. Gosh, wouldn't have been awful if they dressed us alike and gave us names that alliterated, like Jon and Jim or Dan and Don? Ugggh! How awful!

    I hope to bring my wife to visit with the boys again soon. I can't get enough cuddling with those cuties.


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