What Footwear Do Guys Wear on a Motorcycle?

I really can’t believe this, but some asked via Google Canada, “What Footwear Do Guys Wear on a Motorcycle?

Well, the footwear is called, “motorcycle boots.” These are nifty, cool-looking things that protect your legs and feet, while providing traction. They make a real biker look cool. Here is a recent blog post that gives an overall review of motorcycle boots.

There are many different styles of motorcycle boots. Harness boots are the most common boots worn by bikers, followed by engineer boots. Short tactical boots are also quite common, especially in warm weather.

What a biker needs is function — protection, security, and that “cool factor.” Motorcycle boots offer that.

Now, what footwear do some guys (going for the Darwin Award) wear sometimes on a motorcycle? — Sneakers (trainers), sandals, or (the worst), flip-flops. These things offer no protection from injury and heat, and are the most stupid footwear to consider wearing while operating a real motorcycle.

Okay, now you know (as if you had to ask.) What footwear do guys wear on a motorcycle? Motorcycle boots!

Life is short: wear boots on a motorcycle. Nothing less.