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Today, February 14, is one of the most contrived holidays to boost retail sales, especially of jewelry, flowers, candy, and cards. I know this sounds a bit cynical for an old sentimental softie like me. However, I continue to eschew the trappings of corporate greed that leverages a made-up “holiday” to fill the coffers of businesses that are all about profits and little else.

So my usual practice for this February 14 goes back to what I did in grade school, which is…

…something that my parents taught us. Forget the flowers, candy, and bobbles. Write a hand-written note for the one you love and surprise him (or her) with it.

So this morning, very very early (even for me), I slipped out of bed and went to my home office. I got out some pink paper and a blue pen, and just wrote from the heart. Not poetry, not much, really. But words from my own heart to the man I love that tell him again just how much he means to me.

I found a red envelope and tucked my note inside it. I brought it to the kitchen to leave it for him as a surprise.

Well… turn-about is fair play.

Sometime in the middle of the night while I was deep in slumber, the Spouse beat me to it. When I entered our kitchen, I found a hand-written note with words from his heart:

My love for you remains steadfast and strong

My love for you is deep and long

I fondly hold you in my dreams and my heart


You are my One and my Only

My Man, my lover, my bestest friend, and

My Husband.

I know that this will not win an award or have the Spouse declared the next Poet Laureate, but nonetheless, these words made me cry happy tears.

I dwindled in the kitchen there in my stocking feet at 3am deliberating if my words came close to what I was reading. I made a cup of hot cocoa and read/re-read the note again. After about a half-hour, I decided that first instincts were best, and to leave what I wrote as it was.

No Hallmark card; no box of chocolates; no firey diamond; none of that. What we have and what we do for each other is much more meaningful than following conventions brought forth by corporate marketing and sales gimmicks.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them — every day, not just on a contrived “holiday”.

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