Blog Break

I dislike having to take a break from writing this blog, but for the next seven days I will be on the left coast of the United States where…

… I am responsible for facilitating eight (yes, count ’em, eight) back-to-back-to-back and concurrent meetings among scientists and professionals in my field.

This is my “annual meetings week” where I am on stage in front of all those attending these meetings for five full days. (And thankfully, no suit/tie required. Just boots on my feet and business casual clothing. Perfect.)

For the last six months, I have collaborated with appointed work groups to organize all aspects of these meetings. Developed and refined agendas. Recruited plenary presenters. Advised partners on their presentation content. Created a pictorial biography booklet for all attendees, and much more.

I will be busy from before dawn until well into the evening each night. I just will not have time to write posts for this blog.

Plus, as usual, I am out of ideas to write about for the blog, anyway. I can really understand why bloggers stop writing, because there are no new ideas. Interestingly though, this blog is receiving more visitors on average now than the website. Probably because people search questions about boots, leather, motorcycle gear, being an out-and-open confident married gay man — and this blog has a number of posts about that content that rank high in search engine results.

Well, thank you for following this blog as loyally as you have. I will be back after I return home and have a chance to catch up with my beloved spouse.

Life is short: do your thing, and do it well.