Time for a Ride!

My boss was concerned that I had been working long hours, including over the last weekend and holiday. So when he looked at the weather forecast for Wednesday January 25 and saw that it was going to be an exceptional day, he suggested that I …

…take the afternoon off for “sunshine liberty.” That is a term for time off when the weather is pleasant, especially as an anomaly this time of year in the geographic area where I live.

I had pretty much accomplished all that I set out to do for the day at the office, so I thanked the boss and took him up on his offer.

I drove home, surprised the spouse, and after he got over being knocked out of his usual routine, I had changed into my riding leathers and was off astride the Harley.

Where? Nowhere. Just a ride. 90 minutes of freedom and fun on a dry, sunny, superb January day before the traffic got bad.


Life is short: ride when you can!

PS: Note the slight modification of the title for the name of DC’s airport. It is always “Washington National.” No true DC native calls it by the name of the President who fired all of the airport controllers.