Amused While in Full Leather

fall2016bThe weather where I live has been changing rapidly. Friday and Saturday morning, it was unusually warm (70F, 21C). I wore denim jeans with Lucchese hornback caiman cowboy boots to work on Friday, as well as to a doctor’s office when I drove my spouse for yet another work-up. (The young doc admired the boots.)

Saturday morning, Timberlands were on my feet when I took care of the remnants of the leaves and mowed the lawn one last time — and took the photo shown here of me and Spouse.

But what most amusing is after lunch on Saturday, as the temperatures were dropping in advance of a strong cold front, I geared up in full leather from Muir Cap to leather shirt, leather jeans, tall Dehner boots, and also my Langlitz Crescent Jacket and…

…ran errands.

I first picked up some senior pals to go grocery shopping. My lady friends have seen me in full leather before. Their only comments were, “I guess it is really going to get cold!”

After shopping with them and escorting them to their respective homes, I returned to more errand-running.

Blackbreeches32At the big retail (orange) home supplies store, lots of guys dressed like lumberjacks were there — Carhartt pants, flannel shirts, work boots. One of the guys who looked like Mr. Brawny on the paper towels stared at me and followed me up and down the aisle as I was buying some electrical supplies. He finally stopped me and asked, “do you mind if I ask you something?”

Sure… what?

“I have always wanted to wear leather like that. Where did you get it?”

We chatted for a while, but he cut it short when he said, “well, that’s been my fantasy, but the wife wouldn’t have it.” Then he smiled and wished me well and we both went on our respective ways.

Later at the drug store while standing in line to pick up a prescription for the Spouse, a young dude walked by and stopped dead in his tracks. I heard him walking then stopping, so I looked behind me.

He was staring at me, mouth agape. He was looking down at my boots, then slowly scanning upward. Then when he realized that I was looking at him, he turned all red and almost knocked over someone in his haste to get away.

I wanted to call out, “hey, I don’t bite!” but he was gone in a flash. What amused me was this kind of reaction.

When I left the drug store, I walked by a coffee shop on my way to where I parked my truck. A local elected official was walking into the coffee shop with a constituent. He stopped and said hello (we have known each other for years as I have testified before his committee and the Council many times.)

So there we are, standing on the sidewalk at the local shopping center chatting away — me in full head-to-toe leather, him in a suit — and I couldn’t help but notice the visual reactions of other people as they walked by. Some stared; some averted their eyes (like if they look away, somehow they will “unsee” what they were seeing); most others just went about their business.

The Councilmember invited me to join him and his constituent for coffee, but I begged off because I still had more errands to do before going home. (Plus, last thing I wanted to do was spend money in an overdone and overpriced froo-froo coffee shop. I really can’t stand Starsucks or their ilk.)

I stopped again at the Post Office. Child with Mom pointed at me and asked, “what’s that guy wearing?” Mom buckled the kid into their minivan, but didn’t say anything (that I could hear). I would have loved to hear her response once the auto-closing door shut.

Stopped for gas at the local gas station. A woman behind me said, “man, that leather looks great!” Then she looked at her husband (likely that relationship) and said, “you would look great in that gear, honey!” He looked at me, then averted his eyes. Like staring at a guy in leather could affect him in some way. (Aside: it IS quite common that men will not look at another man in full leather for fear of being thought of as gay. Pity.)

Anyway, it is always amusing to go out and about in my community while wearing full leather. The reactions from other people just make me laugh. And these days, laughing is important.

Life is short: be who you are and enjoy wearing leather.