Texting Demand

I am still on business travel. While reviewing email this morning, I sighed when I saw several emails and attempts at posting comments on this blog from a desperately lonely guy who…

…cannot spell and cannot take “no” for an answer.

He wrote:

Text me a massage.

… with other demands related to a request for a sexual encounter.

Hmmm… bleccchhh.

FYI, I do not send or receive text messages from anyone. Not even my husband. We do not text each other. No reason to do so, and no capability to use texting services, either. Remember? I do not have a smartphone — aka “wallet sucker.” I do not find their convenience to outweigh the cost. (aka “monthly ransom”).

Plus, there is no way that I would reveal a cell phone number even if I had one to someone so desperately lonely. He has been writing to me for weeks and I have deleted the messages with nary a reply.

I know that receiving messages like this is a risk that I take because of the nature of my web site. But until this current situation, I have not received frequent propositions from a lonely guy like this in a long, long time. So sad.

Life is short: understand what “no” means — I am married, in a monogamous trusting relationship with one man, and I do NOT meet other men for sex, send photos, or send text messages to anyone for any reason.