Boots on Travel Again

I am on travel for work this week. I left on Sunday morning and traveled to…

…a town on the East Coast of the United States.

I had to change planes to get here, but even though the connection was tight because my departure was delayed, I made it. Fortunately I know the connecting airport very well and realized that when I had only 20 minutes between landing at a gate on one end of the airport and departing from a gate on the other end, I knew the best way to run. Literally. And with my bag and boots on, too.

I seldom check luggage, and in this case with the very tight connection, I am glad that I did not because I know my bag would not have made it.

For travel, I was wearing a pair of Allen Edmonds “Sturgis II” dress boots. If I had to run, I am glad I had those boots on because cowboy boots are not designed for running.

I will be very busy for these next several days. This includes public speaking before thousands. No pressure…

Life is short: Love your job!