No Cop Boots?

Someone wrote an email to me to ask what boots I was wearing when I went on a police-escorted motorcycle ride on Sunday.  “Must have been hard to choose between your Dehner, Wesco, All American, Enforcer, Chippewa, and Intapol boots,” he remarked.

First of all, I am impressed that the writer of the message was thorough enough to have reviewed my website (or this blog) and knows the variety of makers of tall police patrol boots that I own.

But let me burst a bubble: I didn’t wear patrol boots on Sunday. Why? I wanted to wear lightweight khaki BDUs, because it was darned hot and humid out. These BDUs wick away sweat and keep me cool. I tucked the BDUs into my Chippewa Firefighter boots, which still remain a frequent choice to wear when riding in hot weather. Great boots: comfortable, durable, and the lug soles provide great traction.

It is very uncomfortable to wear boots that hold breeches close to the legs on a hot day. I don’t know how some cops can stand it. Plus, I am sensitive to the fact that cops take a dim view of non-cops who dress like they do — even if we have no insignia on a shirt or stripes down the leg — there are some who take second-looks and make judgments. In my civic life, I work with some of the cops who led the ride for us yesterday, and didn’t want to have conversations take a diversion to discussions about what I was wearing — I had other things that I wanted to speak with them about.

Sure, I’ll wear breeches and patrol boots when tooling around the ‘hood in pleasant weather, and even wear leather breeches and patrol boots when the weather is cold. But I refrain from making a statement around people who are sensitive to fetish issues. Cops, military (including vets) and bikers with whom I ride regularly are generally sensitive about this matter for various reasons, so I don’t “push it.” Plus, overall, I prefer to be comfortable, particularly on a longer ride. Now ‘ya know.

Life is short: be comfortable. (And wear boots when riding a motorcycle!)