Observations: Cops Wearing Dehner Boots

Here are a few photos of dress instep Dehner boots on some motor officers. I took these pictures during the staging of Law Ride, which was held on Sunday, May 8, in Washington, DC.

The boots shown in the pride above (i.e., a group of lions is a pride, as is a group of boots worn by proud motor officers) are double-soled. The officers who wear them are from a county police force in Virginia. They have double soles added by a cobbler.

The boots to the right are well cared-for. Some cops know how to take care of their boots, although he didn’t break them in correctly (see the left boot?  Bad ankle break; betcha it’s painful sometimes.)

…and some cops do not care for their boots (like these on a cop whose jurisdiction includes the county where I live). 

Ouch! The sagging at the ankles! That cop didn’t break them in correctly, and is making them worse by bending his ankles that way.

More to follow….

Life is short: know your Dehner boots.