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The other day I was using a search engine to look for information about — what else — opinions on men wearing boots, and saw the information shown below. I was taken aback, but not really shocked. Disappointed, more like it. Unfortunately, there are a number of self-described “style guys” who write content riddled with stereotypes and downright wrong information. See this:

StupidStyleDufusThere are so many things wrong with this…

Chipshinelug208Wrong information

* not all motorcycle boots are “aka” engineer boots.

* the image shown with the blog post is a short harness boot, not an engineer boot. Photo to the right is a real engineer boot.


Rideblog* “Hell’s Angels and attorneys who attempt to ride their midlife-crisis Harleys”

WTF? Not all motorcyclists are Hell’s Angels, and the words “attorneys who attempt to ride their midlife-crisis Harleys” are just BS crap from an author who thinks it is funny to further fulfill stereotypes and write ridicule.

* …”you can flaunt a pair…” Flaunt? Sounds like this blog author is a raging queen. I’d like to see him “flaunt” boots just once.

* …”toss them on in your downtime…” Actually, PULL them on all the time. Wear them to work and also during casual time. Motorcycle boots work well in all settings.

* …”and, of course, a leather jacket.” Well, I’m all for wearing leather jackets, but you can (and should) wear boots with all sorts of outerwear, including blazers and suitjackets. Try that, Mr. Flaunt.

JeansblogIt is regretful that these self-described “style guys” generate a large following of readers and search engines point to their blog posts. As I have said on this blog before, I see from my analytics data that the largest number of visitors to this blog are from people who are asking questions about whether they should wear boots (at all and how to deal with feared ridicule), how to wear boots (with dress clothes or whether to tuck jeans into them), and where to wear boots (such as to church, to the office, etc.)

I just encourage these style queens to man-up, pull on a pair of real men’s motorcycle boots, and rock ’em with a pair of Wranglers, his own “fitted pocket T”, and a good-quality leather jacket.

Life is short: read past style queens’ wacky advice and wear boots. Real boots. Every day.