Can Guys Wear Boots to Church?

I don’t make this stuff up… see for yourself this question that someone used a smartphone to search and landed on my website page on “Wearing Cowboy Boots.” The question, “can guys wear boots to church?”

Of course he “can” … the question is, does he want to?

This kinda stuff drives me nuts — how guys obsess about whether to wear boots and where to wear them.

Yes, you can — and many guys DO — wear boots to church. I do all the time. What does anyone say about the boots on my feet? N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Absolutely nothing. No-one-cares. Period. Guys wear boots with suits, business casual clothes, or even (clean) denim jeans to church. God doesn’t care, nor should you.

If you feel that there is a question about whether you can or cannot wear boots to church, then that question is all in your head, friend. If you really worry about these things, then don’t try to wear boots. Put on your loafers, go back to hiding under a rock, and forget about wearing masculine footwear.

Life is short: man-up and wear boots to church.

8 thoughts on “Can Guys Wear Boots to Church?

  1. It just blows my mind when guys found these google searches and ask themselves whether or not, they can wear boots at a certain places or how they should wear them. But, I do understand where these guys are coming from. In my younger days, I also had confidence issues too but as I got older and wiser, I also got stronger both emotionally and mentally. I remember a friend of mine once told me that, “if you are waiting for the day where people are going to approve the way you want to live your life, I got bad news for you, you will be waiting a very long time, in fact, that day may never come, it will never come”. He also said that, “if you want to live you life the way you want to, then just do it, if people have a problem with that, then that is their problem, not yours”. I believe if people aren’t doing something or wearing something that you want them to wear, then just because they are not wearing it, that doesn’t mean that you can do it either. You have to run your own race. If these people want to wear boots at a certain place or wear them with certain type of clothing, then they should go ahead and do it. As you always end your blogs, “Life is short” and that can’t be further from the truth.

  2. Agree! I have a friend who is a Tibetan monk. He like to wear boots wherever he goes out. No problem at all, even when he attended a wedding ceremony of his nephew (inside a Protestant church!). Only recently when he departed from Bangkok airport, he had a strange experience. The immigration officer asked him to take off his boots for scanning, but at the same time, some people who only wore sneakers had not been asked to do it.

    • Edward, you said that the immigration officer asked your friend to remove his boots for scanning. My experience is that I have had Customs Officers ask me to remove boots while explaining that it is easy to hide contraband inside boots. Also, in the USA, it is customary for airport security officers to require that almost everyone remove all footwear before going through an airport metal detector. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, I always expect that I must remove my boots before going through scanning, so I just plan on it.

      • Yeah! Thx for your advice. Since 2 years ago I got a problem with my left ankle. So the doctor advised me to use a suitable insole. Later on I found out the problem also appeared because I used to wear flat shoes. Since I was a little boy I always liked to see men wearing boots, especially a long one. So I ordered one pair of riding boots from a local bootmaker. They are very comfortable especially when I added Dr. Scholl’s insoles. Since that time I always go out on boots. About 2 months ago when I departed from Singapore airport, their detector beeped around my boot shaft, so they asked me to take it of for scanning and they found nothing! So I just smiled at them. One of the passenger said,”Ow, nice boots sir!”

  3. I have only worn boots once to church. Vintage Bluchers. Nothing wrong with that. I live in an area where very very few men wear boots anyway.
    No one said a word to me about them.

    I’d do it more, except most of my suits are hemmed for dress shoes and look too short with boots.

    And I wear full choral vestments, as I am the music director. Now, there’s a look!

  4. I agree with everyone who wrote above that one should just ‘do it’ and wear boots wherever you may want to go….except maybe swimming.

    Many years ago, the university organist asked our college brass quintet to perform during Easter sunrise service at the church where he was music director, choirmaster and principal organist. At the end of the proceedings as the congregation was filing out, we (in the quintet) couldn’t help but notice a loud tapping sound in the church. We got to a place in the music where we stopped, but the organist’s part continued and we had a moment to look around to try to determine where the noise was coming from. It kept getting louder and began to come closer to us. When we looked down, we could see one of the congregants, a very muscular, good looking young guy with a determined and very pronounced swagger, walking up the aisle toward the main door which was directly below the organ loft. He was wearing dark brown or black harness boots….with taps. So we had an unexpected ‘percussion’ obbligato solo to go along with our organ/brass ensemble performance.

    So yes, boots are worn to church. In this case the wearing of boots made our church service a most memorable event, not because of anything we did, but because of what someone else did. I will not forget how well that guy filled out his dress shirt and the evident size of his pecs and biceps. Though that was a sunrise service we were playing in, the sun was not the only thing that rose early that day.

  5. Just had to respond. Not only do I usually wear boots (and have been known to wear leather as well)……I’m the preacher. But then our’s isn’t a typical church either. Have even done biker wedding in full leather.

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