Boots for the Prom

I have a large family, including now many Greats (offspring of my nieces and nephews). Last night at the usual Friday family dinner (where most of my family who live in the area get together), I wore casual clothes and had two pairs of boots. Huh?

One pair of boots were on my feet (naturally), while I carried another pair of Lucchese Black Cherry Crocodile Belly boots in a bag with me.

A Great Nephew made a special request of his Uncle BHD. He called me and said, “When I go to the prom next week, I want to be different. I’ve decided to wear a suit instead of a tux, but I also want to wear boots. Can I borrow a pair from you?”

I smiled and laughed to myself and said, “sure! First-off, what’s your shoe size?” After determining that his feet and mine were about the same size, I then asked, “What kind of boots do you want?”

Lucbccroc11blogHe said that he knew that I wore boots a lot (giggle) and that he wanted boots that would go with a dark blue suit, but were also really “cool looking.” We talked some more, and that’s when I decided on those Luccheses. The color is different — dark but not black. The scales on the boot vamp are noticeable. Yet, the boot is dressy and has a normal heel height so my great nephew will be less likely to trip.

So those are the boots he borrowed and will wear tonight at his high school prom. I hope he has a good time.

I recall my high school days and how hard I worked to avoid going to our prom. I hated dancing (and still do) because of my natural klutziness and lack of grace. However, I was Class President and was expected to attend.

I didn’t know back then that I was gay, but I also knew that I was not “as interested” in girls as my male classmates were. But anyway, I asked a long-term female friend who I knew never went to dances if she would do something with me during prom night.

Instead of renting a tux and dressing up (which I never liked and still don’t), I put on an Hawaiian shirt, Levis, and Frye boots and my friend and I showed up at the prom to say hello and I gave a welcome speech. I remember the looks on my classmates’ faces: shock, awe, surprise, and wonder. All except my twin brother who laughed out loud. The get-up was “classic me.” I was never a conformist.

I gave that speech, then my friend and I took off for the beach, which was about a 3.5-hour drive east. We arrived at my sister’s condo and promptly went to bed (in different rooms).

At 7am, we woke to watch the sunrise over the ocean while my brother, his date, and some more of our friends who had arrived during the night were still sleeping. Most of our friends had been drinking (and probably drinking and driving — back then, not much was said about that and we all thought we were invincible). None of them got into any mishaps, but in the morning, they were all hung over.

Meanwhile, my friend and I prepared a big breakfast and gently coaxed our other friends back among the living. We had a nice time at the beach that weekend.

I know I digressed — but prom season does that to me. I sure hope my great nephew has a good time tonight being slightly non-conformist while being booted at his high school prom and alcohol-free after-party sponsored by parents.

Life is short: wear boots to the prom!

2 thoughts on “Boots for the Prom

  1. I too remember wearing Frye campus boots to the prom because that’s what I had at the time.
    How did your Great Nephew like the boots you loaned him at the prom?
    Does he want a pair of his own now?

    • I haven’t spoken with my GN since his prom. I don’t receive texts, and he doesn’t know any other way to communicate. I’ll see him soon at a family gathering and ask.

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