Is It Spring Yet?

A buddy of mine who rides a Harley and lives in a state much farther north than where I live in the U.S. sends me email regularly asking, “is it Spring yet?” … then regales me with some humorous remarks about how he is enduring cabin fever. He is a regular reader of this blog, too.

Man, I’m sorry the weather remains cold and unsuitable for regular riding up there where you live. It’s been cold and wet these last days of astronomical winter in Maryland, too. However, it is warming up. I have been able to get out for at least a short ride on sunny, “warmish” weekend days. Soon enough, I’ll be riding every day.

For now, I will enjoy just getting out for a little bit, getting some fresh air, and the chance to break in some new boots.

New boots you ask? Well, it’s like this: barter and negotiation resulted in a new pair of really cool brown Chippewa harness boots with a full-quill ostrich foot and rubber tread soles delivered to me at half-price. These are the best combo “biker/cowboy” boots I have had (lately, anyway LOL!)

So I geared up in brown — brown Wranglers, my old and trusty brown Hein Geriche motorcycle jacket — and off I went. It was a “tad” chilly, so I’ll be looking for some brown chaps to match… sometime. But for now, “it’ll do.”

Life is short: take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy it — in BOOTS!