Boot Checker-Outter Booted

rp_Lucblackgoat05.jpgContrary to a comment received on a recent blog post titled The Guy Who Checks Out My Boots about “BCO” with whom I work and has become “boot-wearing curious,” I am happy to report that Mr. BCO has …

…borrowed a pair of my black Lucchese Classics goatskin dress cowboy boots (we are the same size) and he wore them with a suit all day last Thursday. Throughout the day, we would see each other (mostly passing in hallways as our offices are near each other) and he would give me updates about what anyone said and how he felt wearing them.

The only person who said anything was The Big Cheese during our morning briefing. “Hey, you’re sportin’ boots like [BHD]. They look nice!”

Whoda thunk that The Big Cheese would also be a supporter of wearing boots?

BCO was very self-conscious, but mostly because he never wore boots before. But I could tell as the day progressed that he was thinking less about the boots and was feeling more confident.

Lucmidbrownfr09So much so that Mr. BCO inquired about another pair to wear on dress-down Friday. His version of “dressing down” is wearing a sport coat with no tie and dressy khakis. Meanwhile, for me, I wear denim jeans, polo shirt, and motorcycle boots (after all I commuted via Harley each day last week.)

I contemplated about what boots to let him borrow for Friday. Realizing that he was not going to be dressed casually and that he would be wearing dress slacks (khakis), instead of suggesting something more wild like boots with contrasting inlay wingtips or exotic skins, I let him borrow my brown Lucchese Classics goatskin brothers of the black pair. Okay, gimme a break. I do not want to overwhelm him or scare him off of boot wearing. He is still a bit timid and self-conscious.

I asked him on Friday morning as we were exchanging the black for the brown boots if he mentioned the boots to his wife. He winked and said, “what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

I countered to say that if he were really going to begin wearing boots from time to time, that he had to fess up. He agreed, and wore the boots that I let him borrow home for the weekend.

I will find out today how that went.

Meanwhile …

Life is short: wear boots with dress clothes to the office!