My spouse is such a trooper. He has been struggling with the long-term damage to his joints as a result of the toxic effects of a tick-borne infection that lasted more than three years.

The spouse has been in remission — that is, without symptoms — of the illness for more than a year now. But is he bug-free?

Research has shown that the awful organism that is the root-cause of his illness can form microscopic capsules of itself and lodge in deep tissue, including bone marrow.

If my spouse is to have any relief of his joint damage, he requires hip replacement surgery. However, if that nasty bug has encapsulated and is still in his bone tissue, any surgery could break open those capsules and re-release the organism into his body and cause a massive, sudden relapse of the disease. So no surgery will be considered until, when, and if the spouse can know for certain that he does not have any of those encapsulated microorganisms in his deep tissue.

We have discovered a new medical test that can definitively determine the answer to that question. The test required collecting a urine sample, which is simple. But for absolute determination of not having organisms in bone tissue, my spouse had to endure a painful bone marrow biopsy. That’s when a doctor uses a long needle and drills through the bone to extract a sample of bone marrow.

The spouse had the procedure done on Wednesday. He is recovering from the pain the procedure caused.

Join me in my deep faith for looking for a negative result from the test. We should know in a couple weeks.

Life is short: be persistent in planning for a brighter future, one test at a time.

3 thoughts on “Bug-Free?

  1. It was great to speak with you and your husband today. My wife and I are praying for the desired outcome — a true negative.

    I remain impressed with your research skills to find this new test. My fondest hugs and best wishes always to both of you.

    Ore e sempre,

  2. Prayers for you and a true negative for your husband. God bless and keep you both.

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