Winter Tease

So Mother Nature gave us a nice tease today — temperatures reached 65F (18C) today, under partially cloudy but revealing-more-sun skies. What was on this biker’s mind?

…boots, breeches, and his Harley!

Knowing that when we get these forecasts this time of year, us bikers have to seize the moment, but avail those moments after noon, after the air has time to warm down.

Warm down?

Warmer air blows in from the south and eventually makes it to the surface. The time of year in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic, the ground is still quite cold, and there remain quite a few banks of snow on the sides of roads left over from the monster snowfall that befell us just a month ago.

Anyway, in the morning, I did my usual thing. I escorted four lovely LOLITs to the grocery store. After bringing them home and unloading their groceries into their respective homes, I went back for more.


I went home, picked up the spouse, and we went grocery shopping for ourselves.

After the fun of grocery excursions, I prepared a quick lunch for my spouse and myself, then changed to leather breeches, leather shirt, vest, and pulled on my Wesco patrol boots.

Rideblogpost2Unlike all other Wesco boots in my collection, these boots are very comfortable and easy to wear. They are warm but do not get hot on my legs, even in hot weather. With a Vibram 430 sole, these boots are easy to walk in, as well as give good grip on wet or slick pavement.

I moved my truck out of the garage. I unhooked the trickle charger (to keep the battery charged) from the Harley and rolled it to the open garage bay, and checked it sideways from Sunday (T-CLOCS). It was fine, except for low tire pressure.

I pulled on my Rev-IT high-vis jacket (both the inside warm shell and outer shell), and mounted the Harley. It rumbled to life quickly and I could hear it saying, “where have you been?”

Since I cannot physically put air in the tires of my Harley (I just can’t reach the fill valve of the rear tire), I rode to my local Harley dealership. The service manager greeted me with a warm smile and immediately took my bike into the shop, checked the pressure, and filled the tires to the correct pressure. I was back on the road in under 10 minutes.

BTW, I tried to connect with friends to ride together, but had no response, so I went by myself.

I rode through my home county’s backroads and byways. I stopped at a distant grocery store that has the best beef, and bought some. Then I remounted the Harley and rode some more. I loved it.

The cold air blowing off the snow added to ground-chill, but the warm air pressing in from above was comforting. All totaled, I rode about 150 miles — much more than I anticipated.

When I rolled home about 4pm, my spouse greeted me warmly in the garage, gave me a kiss, then sat in the garage to ask me all about my ride as I unpacked the bike, put things away, and cleaned off the melt-water road spray.

Unfortunately, winter is not over. Soon enough, cold will settle back in, and who knows — we could get more snow even in March. But soon enough, this biker will be back on the road for the commute to work and riding with friends as time permits.

Life is short — ride when Mother Nature offers teases!Rideblogpost