The Right Boots for a Remission of Smiles

Snow2016postdAs I noted in my most recent post, the geographic region where I live was in the bulls-eye of a major snowstorm. Panting media types breathlessly exclaimed, “a storm of epic proportions!”

So how did we fare?

With a lot of good news. (You know me, always looking for the bright side of things.)

First-off, we did not really have a blizzard. As officially defined, a blizzard has snowfall of at least one inch (2.5cm) per hour — and we had that — but also sustained winds of 35mph (56kph) per hour for at least three hours.

We had some very strong wind gusts, and winds around 25mph (40kph) on-and-off, but nothing of blizzard or white-out proportions.

I went out with our trusty snowblower on Friday evening, then again on Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and completed the job on Sunday morning. I removed snow from our drive and walks, as well as an elderly neighbor’s drive and walks.

During my several sojourns outdoors, I wore Chippewa loggers. First time, the black pair. Second time, the tan boots, and changed each time I went out so that the boots would have more time to air out and dry.

Those boots kept my feet warm and dry, despite trudging through some deep drifts so I could get to the side of the house to unblock some vents and beat the snow off some ornamental hollies to prevent them from being seriously damaged.

Snow2016posteBTW: total official front-yard non-drift measurement of the snowfall on our property was 28.1 inches (71.3cm). Not 30 to 36 inches, but close enough. Definitely one of the top total snowfalls we have dealt with since moving into our house in 1998.

But the best thing about this storm is that it is the first time in FIVE YEARS that my spouse has been physically well enough to help with snow removal. When he started having symptoms of that dreaded and prolonged illness in late 2011, he no longer had the strength or energy to help. He was in so much pain, he could not lift a shovel.

He went into remission from that disease in November, 2014, and we have worked on keeping it that way through watching what he eats (no foods that cause inflammation), physical therapy, and daily mental health maintenance.

So here are some photos of our well-booted Blizzard with a Remission of Smiles:

Snow2016postb[above] Spouse and his trustly shovel
Snow2016postc[above] The abominable BHD Bootman in black loggers
Snow2016posta[above] Smiling Spouses (spice?)

Life is short: wear the right boots for the right application!