Blog Changes

Every now and then, I check out other blogs and when I see something I like, I may make it happen on this blog.

I really like MC’s blog ( for its design as well as some interesting and witty posts from a cop’s perspective.  His friend, “Happy Medic”, is a whiz with geek-blog-stuff, and has helped MC create some interesting features on his blog.  That, in turn, has influenced my blog.

One feature that MC uses on his blog, Wibiya, which creates a bar on the bottom of his blog that enables connections with other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, was something that I tried for a couple months.  However, I found that it was “blogging the blog” — that is, making it work slower.  I also got a complaint from a loyal reader that when he tried to view a post or two of mine, that it caused pop-ups for Facebook and eventually caused his computer to crash.

Wibiya was not bringing more visitors to my blog, but perhaps was making it more difficult for some visitors to view it, so I took that off.

Blogging is an ongoing thing, experimenting with features and functions that work — or in some cases, do not work as I had hoped. 

Enjoy the slight redesign that you see — with a new feature, “slideshow.”  You’ll see that on MC’s blog, too — and his slideshow includes an image of me with a motor officer friend of mine who serves the county where I live.

Life is short:  happy blogging!

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