Scents of a Leatherman

Here is another internet search that landed on my website, on my Complete Guide to Leather Gear:

“Do all leather men not use deodorant?”

To clarify, this is what I said on my Guide to Leather Gear:

Real men don’t wear scents. Leathermen prefer the smell of leather and other men — not smelly stuff from a bottle. Do not wear after-shave or cologne with leather. Before you go out, take a shower with unscented soap, and if you use deodorant, use an unscented variety. Men like how clean men smell — not dirt or grunge, either.

I did NOT say that leathermen should not use deodorant — I just said that men in leather prefer other men in leather not to smell like after shave or cologne, and they don’t like the smell of grunge, either.  If your sweat stinks, by all means, use deodorant.  Just use the unscented variety.

Life is short:  when you wear leather, let that be your scent.