Peace and Good Tidings

Greetings, loyal blog followers, as well as anyone else whose boots stumbled upon this blog on Christmas. I wish you peace and good tidings, as well as…

…boots for your feet.


I look around my home, and see contentment. My mother-in-law whose health has improved — so much so, she can be with us this Christmas. She loves what I cook, and eats and eats and eats. A compliment to my culinary skills. (That, or she’s just always hungry!)

I gaze upon my sister-in-law, who with her husband, my twin brother, has been visiting almost a month now. She is such a sweet person, and very intelligent. I love the long conversations I have had with her and certainly understand why my brother married her. She’s truly special.

My twin brother had quite an ordeal during his nine-month assignment in a war-torn part of the world. He has needed “us time” and I have done my best to be there for him as he has always been there for me. He is such a terrific man. Intelligent, strong, yet sensitive and loving. The best (twin) brother a man could ever have.

I see him relaxing more and more, and re-learning to enjoy life again. Though his lens of how he will view the world has certainly changed, his intense love for those most important to him has only strengthened.

He has become even closer to his wife, which is a great thing. While I will miss him when he returns home to Italy in a week, I think he is ready to return to the home he and his wife have built.

Throughout the past weeks, I have visited a lot of my family. Brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, and “the greats.” I am blessed with a truly loving, caring, and thoughtful family. They love me and I love them — both ways, equally, and intensely.

Finally, I hold the hand of the man I love. We are two peas in a pod, two men on a life journey as one. I am at peace and contented, as he is.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Life is short: be at peace and share good will.