Yabba-Dabba Doooooo!

FlintstoneI am writing this post to celebrate that I am off work for the rest of the year! As Fred Flintstone would say, “yabba dabba dooooo!”

Now, to get the real celebrations going at home with …

…my loved-ones. (Who did you think I was referring to?)

Will a new pair of boots, new leathers, or a new Harley be under our Christmas tree?

I highly doubt it. I don’t need or want more stuff or things. In fact, the spouse was complaining again about “all those boots. They seem to multiply like rabbits.” Then he added a not-so-funny reference to lug-soled boots worn outdoors in muck and mud “leaving turds all over.”

I give credit to the spouse for being patient with me and managing my boot collection less rigorously than I used to do when I had more free time.

I look forward to spending the last week of my twin brother’s visit with him (and his wife) as we terrorize the little ones in the family. 36 great nieces and great nephews now, some we haven’t even met yet. For those who live in the area, we will be on a mission to visit.

We will also especially have fun and play with four-year-old twin great nephews for whom we are (honorary) Godparents. In my case, since I don’t follow organized religion, I’m just a twin role model, as is my brother. There are uncanny similarities among twin-think and twin behavior that only twins know, and we see evidence of that same behavior in our twin great nephews.

These great nephews are not the only twin “greats” in the family. We have five sets of twin “greats” already. But these Godchildren are our special “twin greats” because we were asked/recruited/begged by our niece, their mother, to have a special role in their lives. I hesitate to tell my niece what twins can do telepathically, but she’s finding out already.

Further, no rest for the weary — my mother-in-law has certainly regained her appetite! Mamma mia! Can she eat! Oh joy, just what I love to do — prepare special meals, feed and dote on her, and make her feel welcome and loved.

After all — and I truly mean this — even though I don’t follow organized religion, I have deep and abiding faith. I believe, I truly believe in love, family, magic, spirit, giving… all these things (and more.)

Before I close, let me thank you, loyal readers, how much I appreciate you and thank you for following my silly ol’ ramblings here. Especially to WC, S, Jerome, Bill, T, J, R and others who communicate with me and/or comment regularly and have become admired extended blog-pals.

All I really want for Christmas is time with those I love, and time to do things for and with them to make lifetime memories. Time to spend with my beloved spouse and share special “us time,” to treasure and cherish one another. Time is my gift that I give to myself by saving up a lot of leave from work to take at this time of year. No time off for a grand, expensive summer vacation. Instead, time to remember that:

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.

1 thought on “Yabba-Dabba Doooooo!

  1. Like your blog and your pics on bootedman.com. You seem like a man of good character. Your leather and boot pics are also incredibly handsome.

    I just read the post you had a few years ago about two guys on a harley and the ‘stigma’ of it all. Great piece. I’m not a rider myself but have been fortunate to get on the back of a fully dress harley a few times and it was a wonderful experience. The fact I was told I am an excellent passenger was icing on the cake.

    Happy holidays to you and yours.

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