Grrrr: Web Hosting Changes Back!

Here we go again! and my personal website that I use for my family and to represent myself professionally have both been switched back to the former servers that each of them were on.  If you had trouble accessing the website(s) yesterday, that’s probably why.

It turns out that the new-to-me web hosting service was trapping email that I absolutely needed for my professional job.  In a number of dialogues with them by phone, email, and on-line chat, they refused to acknowledge that it was their problem.  They insisted that they were not trapping email when I know for darn sure that it was sent, yet I did not receive it.  What was probably happening is that they have much more stringent filters on their servers and those filters trap a lot of stuff that they should not.

Further, there were other technical problems and concerns that I encountered.  I will not bore you with the details.  Let’s just say that I am happy that I did not cancel my old web hosting service, so I could just point the DNS back to them for my websites, make sure the files on each site were the most recent (restored from backups), and be back in business.

Grrrrr… I wish this stuff weren’t so complicated.  But it’s working.  That’s what matters.

By the way, if you sent an email to me at my BHD email address between 8 January and 15 January, then I regret that it is gone. I think that I have replied to all of my email during that period, but if I did not, then please accept my apologies and write to me again. I have not lost my email address book — just the actual emails that I received during that week. (And I have not lost any of my professional email as that is processed by a secondary anti-spam filter, which retains copies of all of my email before sending it to me through my web host.)

Life is short:  don’t point fingers at others when your company is to blame.

P.S.:  I am having fun with you — if you clicked on the link to “my personal website” above, I directed you to a spoof site.  That’s not my personal site.  Those who need to know what it is know where to find it.  I do not reveal that side of me on this blog.

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