Blog Post 2300

Blogpost2300blogMan, I can hardly believe that this post is the 2,300th post that I have written for this blog. Since January, 2008, I have expressed thoughts, opinions, and shared information about boots, leather, boots, my feelings as a masculine gay man, boots, the joy of being able to marry the man of my heart, boots, my life story, boots, and concerns about caregiving for those I love — especially during my spouse’s three-year horror of dealing with two (or maybe three) simultaneous tick-borne infections. What posts have been most viewed and popular? Care to guess?

According to my little statistical software snippet, the five most popular subject areas for posts on this blog as searched through search engines are:

  • Wearing boots in the office
  • Frye boots
  • boot comparisons and reviews
  • socks for boots
  • boots for bikers

None of these frequent searches surprise me, especially the most commonly searched question, “can I” or “should I” … wear boots with dress clothes to the office?

Asked and answered: Yes, certainly. Typical male trait to search the internet for answers to questions on which he is uncertain, and where he does not want to express uncertainty by asking the question among family or friends. It’s a “guy thing” not to ask questions like this publicly — to reveal uncertainty is considered, at least among North Americans, Europeans, Australians, and Kiwis, as being less than expected masculine behavior.

There also remains a very high interest in vintage ’70s Frye boots, with this post, “How To Tell If You Have Vintage Frye Boots” as *the* most frequently visited post on this blog over time. Sure, I loved Frye boots of old, and am among those who are very disappointed that the good ol’ John A. Frye Shoe Company sold out, closed the plant in Massachusetts, and the company name was bought and sold through various holding companies, and is now owned by a Chinese conglomerate that makes crappy products these days.

With further review, it is interesting what blog posts are least found through searches, such as about my same-sex marriage, my spouse’s health situation, or my boring little home life, in general. It is likely, however, that posts about those issues do not come up higher in ranks through internet searches because I am careful about what I say and choose words that are generalized rather than specific.

For example, I have posted about comparisons between Black Jack Boots and Lucchese Boots. That search result consistently ranks among the top ten when that question is searched. But when I have posted about that chronic infection situation that my spouse has been dealing with, I specifically do not say the name of the diseases he has or the causative agent. Thus, when people search for information about that disease, posts on this blog do not rank in search results.

That is intentional; this blog are my personal “musings” about my life and sharing my passion for boots, leather, and motorcycling. It is not about a specific disease. Also, while I have posted on occasion about same-sex marriage, I have tried to avoid delving deeply into politics because that is so divisive. I am happy that I was able to marry the man of my life, and I am happy that others can do it too throughout the United States (though not as easily in some places where … [deleted political commentary]).

Well, I can ramble more and more, but I’ve got things to do. Suffice it to say that while I continue to struggle with finding time to write for this blog, and I have difficulty thinking about new content to add, I intend to keep the blog going as long as I can. I may take more breaks from time to time, but those breaks are mostly due to the collision between available time and writer’s block.

Thank you, loyal readers, for your interest in my musings. I appreciate your dedicated following.

Life is short: wear boots, smile, love life and most importantly: show those you love how you love them.