Dehner Boot Trial

Balstock201508A close friend who is a motorcop received a new pair of Dehner boots using his uniform allowance. He noticed that these boots were different from other Dehners that he has worn. He brought them to me to check out and ask…

…what I thought of them. He also asked me to break them in for him because after all these years, he still doesn’t think he can do it right.

Sure, MC, no problem.

I looked at the insert that came in the box with the boots. According to the Dehner Boot Company:

Constructed with Voyager vamps and with high quality Majilite in the legs.

What’s Majilite?

Majilite is the name of the manufacturer of a synthetic leather that Dehner uses on the exterior of stock patrol boots, and is another name of “Dehcord.” According to Dehner,

It is a very low maintenance product and resists many of the scratches and dings you might experience with a calfskin type leather. It is only used in the uppers of the boot, while the foot is still constructed with Voyager leather.

In my opinion and experience in checking out these boots, this product has been improved from the Dehcord used in the past. It bends without breaking, and it has better heat resistance. With Dehner boots made before 2012, the Dehcord could discolor and melt when exposed to the heat of a hot motorcycle pipe.

My cop buddy asked me to break them in for him so he will have straight creases at the ankle and run the boots through their paces, which I am more than happy to do. 🙂

Began with a short motorcycle ride yesterday, and more to come in the next few weeks.

So far, the only thing that I did not like about these boots is the sole. It is almost smooth. My cop buddy will have to have lug soles added to them for good traction.

Life is short: obey a cop’s requests!