My Marriage Is Not An Experiment

My husband and I were watching the television coverage of the Pope’s visit to the United States. We tuned to different channels for different views, but what we got when we tuned to a Catholic channel was…

…more of that diatribe against same-sex marriage. Okay, I’ve heard the claims that allowing two men (or women) who love each other and who commit to caring for one another for the rest of their lives to be “redefining marriage” if they marry.

To us, that has been a false claim. A marriage is a bond of two people who are in love with each other, offered through civil recognition by a government — not a church.

Sure, the Catholic Church believes that marriage is a sacrament. That’s fine, they can do that. Just like the Mormons who have a public marriage ceremony for all to view, then a private ceremony in the temple from which the “unwashed” (non-Mormons) are not allowed to attend. They call that private ceremony a “sealing.” That’s fine too, if that’s what you choose to believe.

As my husband and I were watching preparations for the Pope to arrive at his destination, a priest on that Catholic channel was asked about same-sex marriage.

He called it “so-called same-sex marriage” and again restated that allowing same-sex marriage was redefining marriage. I disagree.

But what bothered my husband and me the most was this priest’s continuing chatter that he was disappointed with five judges on the Supreme Court of the United States deciding that it was unconstitutional to deny persons of the same sex to marry.

Aside: I ask how many 5/4 decisions made by the Supreme Court that went in the favor of conservative viewpoints, such as allowing the Boy Scouts to discriminate against gay men to be Boy Scout leaders, was this priest vocalizing opposition? Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y?

The priest went on to say that he saw that the United States allowing CIVIL recognition of marriage between two people of the same sex to be a “grand experiment.” He further grumbled that he was praying and hoping that this “experiment which was doomed to failure” would fail sooner or later.

That’s when I turned off the TV. Unfortunately, this priest damaged the very message that the Pope was bringing to the U.S. — one of acceptance among all peoples.

Our marriage is NOT an experiment. It is a bond of love, commitment, and honor, granted by a civil marriage license in the county courthouse in the county of my birth.

‘nuf said. I still hold hope that eventually the negative, unaccepting, and (in my opinion) hateful perceptions of the Catholic Church may eventually be turned by love.

I continue to ask, “How does my marriage to my man in any way affect your marriage? How does it “redefine” marriage? How will it destroy the institution of marriage?” and finally, “what are you so damned afraid of?”

Next post… back to boots and other mundane stuff. Thanks for hearing me out.

Life is short: love wins over fear.

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  1. I agree. My relationship with my spouse has lasted for 20 years. We have stayed the course in sickness and in health. We have worked, raised children, volunteered in our community, paid our taxes, and in no way threaten anyone. How the Catholic Church can preach about sin is ridiculous. Pedophilia, drunkenness, lesbianism, the list continues. Clean your own house before you dare to presume to enter mine.

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