Here is how I am dressed today — not a full leather suit, as I once thought I was going to wear.  But as I got the leather out this morning, it was “too black” and not quite what I had in mind for the holiday spirit.  So I put the dress leather shirt (and tie) back in the closet and put on a warm red flannel shirt instead.  It goes well with my dress leather pants and my Champion Attitude red-and-black “Firebird” cowboy boots.

I took my twin brother and his wife to visit family.  It even snowed (lightly)!  I shortened my family visit as I had some senior pals and my aunt to see — all needed some help today with physical therapy.

I have returned home at the time this was posted to start cooking dinner.  One of my brothers will drop off my twin brother and his wife to join us for dinner later.  I also have my mother-in-law with her insatiable appetite, and two senior pals who don’t want to be alone joining my partner and me for Christmas dinner.  We’re having prime rib (no turkey), twice-baked potatoes, fresh green beans, home-made dinner rolls (not the Pillsbury stuff), spinach salad, and two different kinds of home-made pie (pumpkin and apple).

Meanwhile, I’m singing in my kitchen as I putter around, smiling, enjoying the treasures of my life, because… I believe.

Merry Christmas everyone!