Why Do Gay Guys Like to Wear Boots?

Google never ceases to amuse me by landing visitors to this blog who enter questions like, “Why do gay guys like to wear boots?”

In this instance, the question was asked by someone in Singapore, but it is a fairly common question around the world.

Okay, I’m a gay guy, and I like to wear boots.  Why?  I like how they look and how they feel on my feet.  Many men wear boots in the United States and around the world.

In my opinion, the number of gay men who wear boots is rather small in comparison to the overall number of gay men out there.  In fact, in my observation, it seems to me that fewer gay men wear boots than the proportion of straight men who like to wear boots.  I think that’s because there are fewer gay men who are masculine guys.  To me, most gay men I have met are into fashion and like to dress up, including wearing dress shoes. 

Masculine men, gay or straight, like boots.  I’m one of ’em.  The boot-wearing has nothing to do with my sexual orientation.  It has to do with the kind of guy I am — your regular “Joe Schmoe” in leather and boots.  No big deal.  I am who I am.  Other guys are who they are — gay or straight, booted or not.

Life is short:  stop obsessing over stereotypes and perceptions in trying to connect one thing with another that really are not related.