Romantic Thank You

Not to be outdone a dancing bear “bearing” flowers, when I arrived home from work on Friday, late and kinda tired because I was “acting boss” and had a number of things come up unexpectedly, my spouse pulled a surprise…

…he greeted me at the door wearing a leather apron and a pair of boots (though he was fully clothed; don’t get any ideas.)

He gave me a hug and a kiss, then handed me a hand-written card on which he wrote a personal sentiment that made me tear up. It ended with…

and for all these reasons, these are how much I love how you love me….

I was ready to bawl like a baby, but he wasn’t through.

He led me to our seldom-used formal dining room and showed me that he had set a beautiful table, just for us. My Mom’s hand-sewn table cloth, our good silver, my family heirloom china… the works.

He sat me down, pulled my boots off, and gave me a t-shirt and shorts to wear, which was very comforting as well as comfortable. He fixed me a drink (ginger ale over ice), handed me the newspaper, and asked me to read and relax while he prepared dinner.

What? Spouse cook? He never cooks.

Well, on Friday, he did.

Spouse grilled two steaks on the barbeque, and had heated up side dishes of potatoes and green beans … leftovers from all the donated meals my sr. pals gave me when I was laid up with my back problems.

He served the meal in our dining room, held my hand while he said a prayer of thanksgiving, then we ate.

We smiled, laughed, shared love, and lingered over a casual, simple, but enjoyable meal. Just the two of us. No fuss, no mess, no pain. Just love.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them. Each and every day.

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  1. What a wonderful gift! I am so happy he felt well enough to be albe to express his love for in such a tender way. Blessings upon you both.

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