Week’s Travel: Day 3 By Sea and Air

Greetings from a delightfully warm and very friendly location where I remain on business travel.

Wednesday’s travels involved going on a short tour by sea on a research ship, then lunch on land at a university, then climbing aboard a…

…small plane, and flying half-way across the island. I saw this along my way:OldSanJuanThis location is where I spent a lot of time in my past job, but is way too touristy (see the cruise ship on the far right in this photo?)

I changed planes and flew on to the far eastern end at 18.3258° N, 65.6525° W of this wonderful U.S. territory.

Arrived early enough to have a tour of the base where I am staying the night. I returned to my room to change clothes to a jacket & tie. I was a guest at a dinner where I made a formal recognition presentation.

Great evening… terrific dinner… then to bed.

Off early in the morning on another small plane for yet another destination for a day-trip, then sea plane to reach my last location on late Thursday in time for an early morning meeting on Friday.

Busy-busy-busy-busy man… but I truly love it!

Life is short: love your job!

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