Week’s Travel Day 4: By Air, By Sea, By Air, Far East

No, I have not skipped across the planet and landed in China. I am not that “far east.”

Yesterday began with “First Call”/”Reveille” at 0600. I was, after all, a guest on a military base. I actually tried some P.T… well, not…. Instead, I was met by someone sent to get me to transport me to the airport for an early flight.

One half-hour later…

…I was on an island where they drive on the left, but English is the primary language. And darn, just as I was so immersed in Spanish that I was communicating quite well.

I made a presentation to a high-muckity-muck gathering, then was treated to a tour by boat of harbors and had a discussion about matters related to what I do for a living.

I was also given a land tour, which was both interesting and frightening. Narrow roads, switch-backs upon switch-backs… sure glad I was not doing the driving.

I then flew on to a neighboring island, and was met at the airport by professionals of my hosting agency. I was given a brief tour before it got dark.

I was able to collect the “last most distant point” in places in the United States I have been. In 2000, I visited the most northern point of the U.S. in Point Barrow, Alaska. In 1992, I visited the most southern point in American Samoa. In 1996, I visited the most western point in Guam. And now, yesterday, I visited the most eastern point, shown below.EasternMostPointBlogI am heading home on Friday on multiple flights connecting through four airports. I can’t wait to be home in the arms of my beloved spouse. But I will treasure this enlightening experience with such great hospitality and professionalism — everywhere.

Life is short: love your job!

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