A Ride With a Leather Buddy

I was pleased to be contacted via my website by Leather Chad (“LC”), who lives in the Washington, DC, area, near where I live.  We exchanged some messages, and in one of them, I invited him to join me for a ride on my Harley.

I’ve said that on some postings in various places that I like to take people either on my bike or ride with people who share similar interests — boots & leather.  Well, I have to be honest, five years now with that message “out there,” and this was the first local contact I’ve had that has actually worked out — someone joining me for a ride.

“LC” is a very handsome, intelligent man who is very interesting to speak with.  We got together yesterday afternoon.  I gave him a ride on my Harley through the Maryland countryside.  The leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors, and the weather was delightful — perfect “leather weather.”  (I was in leather breeches, a pair of Dehner Boots, a leather shirt and vest.)

We stopped to take a break and talked about a wide variety of things, then rode back.  What a pleasant afternoon with a really nice guy!

“LC” had a nice pair of harness boots and a great leather jacket.  He promises that the next time we ride, he’ll wear some leather pants.  Great — but what’s most important is that we will have that next time.  I enjoyed meeting him, and look forward to more rides with my buddy.

Life is short:  ride!

4 thoughts on “A Ride With a Leather Buddy

  1. I am happy that the two of you had a nice time riding together. Bring him with you next time you go riding with me here in the City on the Yarra. The Great Ocean Road awaits. J will keep your partner entertained whilst we go for a great ride. Spring riding season has arrived, and only awaits you guys!

    Melbourne, Vic., Australia

  2. OMG! BHD, how in the hell do you find such hunky riding companions? Where do I sign up?

    Rahm (not who you think) F.

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