The Reunion

Gosh, it’s hard to believe that I graduated high school 35 years ago. In some sense, it seems like yesterday, and in another sense, it seems like forever ago.

I credit three classmates for holding us together, and planning reunions every five years. I credit my classmates for keeping in touch and attending. We had over 200 classmates come to a reunion gathering on Friday night. That’s pretty good attendance for a rather odd-year event (unlike 10, 20, 50…).

All the old “who talked to who” stuff is long since over. I had great conversations with the “jocks” as well as the “nerds” and everyone in between. “Who is who” on high school pecking orders is long since over.

At the ten-year reunion, the talk was about degrees earned, work endeavors (better than others), marriages, and children. At the 25-year reunion, most people had relaxed somewhat, but there were still those who made sure the rest of us knew of their status symbols: the huge mansion with the fleet of BMWs and Lexuses. By the 35th, none of that stuff is important any more. We all are who we are, and the talk with everyone from all groups, levels, etc., was about who we are today and what we’re doing, interested in, etc. Fun stuff, not status stuff.

Unfortunately, the gathering was in a yuppie bar that was loud. I got hoarse from making myself heard. And I stayed up waaaay too late — past 10pm. When I got home I was exhausted. My partner didn’t come with me as he hates social events, but he was happy that I was happy.

My high school friends know that I am in a committed, monogamous same-sex relationship. They don’t care about that. They remain concerned about me as a person, and were interested in the things I’m doing in the community.

What did I wear? My side-laced leather jeans, a short-sleeved (regular) shirt, and my Chippewa hi-shine boots with lug soles. Why those boots? Well, I rode my Harley to the event, of course!

Had a great time, but I really dragged ass all day Saturday. I just can’t handle staying up after my usual 8:30pm bedtime. Oh well, I made up for it by going to bed really early on Saturday night.

Life is short: enjoy the memories!

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