Dehners’ First Ride

For a long time now, a boot store that I like was offering a great price on Dehner Patrol Boots. I figured that the sale would have to come to an end, so I decided to buy a pair of these boots with a 1″ wider calf and lug soles on them. The boot store does not carry Dehner Boots with lug soles, but can arrange to have the Dehner Company put them on and have the boots shipped to the buyer directly.

I like big lug soles on my boots because they help a lot when I need to maneuver my big, heavy motorcycle in tight spots. For example, yesterday I went to our local post office, and the only parking space available was on a slight downgrade. There was so much traffic around, I couldn’t back myself into the spot. I knew when I came out, it would require a lot of strength and traction to move the bike out of the space. These boots performed superbly: like a snow tire, the soles gripped the pavement and helped me to push my bike out of the space. Had my sole slipped — even a little bit — it would have been very likely that I would have dropped the bike. That’s enough of a reason why I wear lug-soled boots when I ride my Harley.

Now… to the video. Some readers may be “of a certain age” (like me) to remember the TV show “CHiPs” that was aired from 1977 to 1983. The show featured a couple of Dehner-booted bike cops. Every now-and-then, they would have a camera trained on one of the cop’s boots from behind, as he was operating his bike — usually chasing a bad guy.

I have that image in my mind — of a Dehner Boot on a bike while riding. I have produced similar videos like this before, but this is the first one while I am actually wearing “Dehner” (brand) boots (not something else) on this model of Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Enjoy the “bootcam” video. Try to figure out where my camera was. I assure you, though, that my hands remained firmly on the grips, and I didn’t let go. Also, I didn’t have a passenger or someone riding beside me. Okay — go figure where my camera was. I’ll reveal the answer later.

Life is short: get booted and ride!