Parting with a Pair of Wesco Boots

My website was built to organize my boot and leather collection so I would know what I have, and give me a hobby — writing web pages and doing web tricks — which is fun and interesting when I have the time. It was not created to promote or sell boots. From time to time, I get inquiries that have asked, “how much is such-and-such pair of boots in size X?” I have replied saying, “my boots are not for sale. This is a display of my personal boot collection.”

However, someone saw a page on my website about an old pair of plain Wesco Boss boots. He noticed on the page that I said that I do not wear these boots much. Since they were stock and the calf circumference was tight on me, I wasn’t wearing them. He offered to buy the boots from me, and I thought about it… and agreed. The boots will be worn with pride in California. I’m glad they got a new good home.

Again, I’m not in the boot selling business, but there are some pairs of boots that I don’t wear very often because my size has changed. From time to time, I will sell a pair of boots that someone else makes a decent offer to purchase from me.

Life is short: stay booted!

1 thought on “Parting with a Pair of Wesco Boots

  1. Alright, I am going to reveal something of my life .. I have my leather business which is growing as I gain more customers but .. its lucrative some months and not so much other moths. Three days a week I am the assistant manager of our local Shell station. I talk a lot with the cyclists that stop for gas .. and I get complements on my boots .. which are cheep but I keep them polished. I admit .. I enjoy it .. and I really am focused on buying my first bike. I'm 43 .. but I'm going to own that bike .. and I can't wait!

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