Divided Between Duty and Dream

There a tune sung by Steve Wariner that talks about the responsibilities one takes on as an adult, yet feeling the urge to carry out his dreams, as well.

Currently, I am in that position. I dream about visiting “Down Under” again; I dream about taking time with my partner and go away together — anywhere — just the two of us with no phones, no computer, no meetings, etc; or simply taking some time to go ride my Harley.

None of these things are happening for various reasons. My partner cannot travel. I have obligations that I have taken on to care for my beloved aunt whose physical condition is deteriorating rapidly. No time to ride. No time to travel. Gotta stick close to home and help.

Life was simpler before. Alas, this isn’t the case now. But I feel I am exercising my calling to provide care that’s needed. Now. Perhaps after the situation settles with my aunt, I can climb back on the saddle of my Harley, at least.


Life is short: show those you love that you love them.

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1 thought on “Divided Between Duty and Dream

  1. Hey, its awesome that your Aunt has you. You're definitely not wasting your time; although I think you just want to fit more into it. you I think are a little bit older than me but as you grow older the times you will remember are the times you spent with your Aunt and the time .. the treasured time you spend with your partner.. who is your soul mate. You are making memories that you will remember. That's a double whatever I know, but my most treasured memories are the time I spent with my Gramma. She hated everybody, she was 98, she was a southern bigot, she was not tolerant of anybody .. but she liked me and she was living history .. and I really miss her. We would sit and sip whiskey and she would tell me how things used to be. I learned things from her that only she with her long life could teach me.

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