Choose a Job You Love and Never Work a Day In Your Life

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
― Confucius

I cannot say that I “chose” my current job, but I did “choose” my career path.

I have had jobs before that I enjoyed, but eventually burned out or things changed so much that we mutually saw that parting company was best for my sanity and their… well, whatever reasons they had.

I had a job I loved for 20 years, then it crashed and burned when I got reorganized with the wrong-headed, money-grubbing side of the company.

I had a job that I tolerated, but we knew it was a “holding pattern” until something else came along.

Then I was chosen…

…by being “headhunted” by a job placement professional who sought me out for the first of two positions for which I was hired where I work now — five years ago.

I was made an offer that I thought was commensurate with my skills, knowledge, abilities, interests, preferred working location, and salary requirements.

I did pretty well in that job… so much so that the PTB* promoted me to the second position I have had at this employer. I serve as the XO for a Flag officer. (These are substitute words and not to imply that I work in the military.) The Boss supervises me, I supervise the staff, staff the Boss, and execute three national programs that have far-reaching activities. Best boss I have ever had anywhere — a true leader, not a micromanager.

In this position, I am soaring. I love it. It’s darn hard work, and lots of it. But I must be doing something right, because I was selected as not only “Employee of the Month” last October, but “Employee of the Year” for 2014! The pay ain’t bad either/keeps food on the table.

However, that’s not really why I work. I work because I love what I do and am challenged every day to new heights.

I am in a good place. I am working because I love what I am doing. But whenever this job tanks — and sometimes that happens (it has happened to me before) — then I can leave/retire and not look back. That’s a great place to be. I am working not because I have to work, but because I want to.

Life is short: love your job and then work is a breeze!

*PTB: Powers-That-Be

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