Choices: WW(BHD)D?

Every day we are faced with choices. What to eat? Where to go? Buy a product or service…. But the more challenging decision are those about what one would do when having to make a choice about getting involved in something dividing others; choosing to say something nice vs. not anything at all; or making a comment/voicing an opinion that is often a judgment on someone else.

Those who are of the Christian faith sometimes are heard asking, “what would Jesus do?” (WWJD) [to act in a manor that demonstrates the love accredited to Jesus in how he cared for others.]

This past week, I had several people tell me that they ask themselves, “what would (BHD) do?” (They use my real name). Man, that’s a heavy burden to think that I am considered an example to follow.

Where my friends determine the example I set is by the life I lead and how I express myself here on this blog or on social media.

I generally follow my own self-imposed rules:

  • Do not post about religion (at least on social media, and mostly not here on this blog… mostly)
  • Do not post about politics (ditto what I said about religion)
  • Post something positive, not negative. People have way too much negativity in their lives. The last thing they need is to see their friends griping or whining about something.
  • Solve problems, don’t create them.
  • Share a smile.

So during the last week, I overheard two colleagues in a disagreement, and then I heard one of them say, “what would (BHD) do?”

The other person answered… pretty much on target with what I would have done. Take the high road; fix it; move on. And that is what they did. The funny thing was, they did not know that I overheard them use me as an example to resolve their conflict.

That was rather scary to me… to think that I have a reputation that others think about and choose to follow, solving their own problems and resolving conflict.

I thought that was enough when yesterday, a friend sent me an email to say that he was faced with a difficult choice, and told me that he thought to himself, “what would (BHD) do?” He told me that he made a tough decision on a moral dilemma, thinking that if I had that choice, his decision is what I would have done.

Man… again: a heavy burden.

I am but just a man. A man of faith and I believe, of integrity. But I am also quite human. I have my faults, frailties, and failures. I am no Jesus.

I choose, though, to speak publicly about making the right choices, helping others, and doing the right thing. That is how I was raised and how my spouse was raised and lives as well.

Next time you have a dilemma, ask yourself, “what’s the right thing to do?” … then choose it.

Life is short: have faith that making the right choices is the right thing to do.

1 thought on “Choices: WW(BHD)D?

  1. You should be flattered.

    Just by being being yourself and acting on your core beliefs and values you have set an example to be emulated. True leadership qualities.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. You never know the impact you have on those around you by merely being yourself.

    You Rock BHD.

    Larry H. In CA

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