Light Leather

We had another busy day yesterday. It was raining, and while snuggling longer in bed would have been desirable, we were “up and at-em” by 6:30am. I chose to wear lightweight leather for the day: a short-sleeved leather shirt tucked into lightweight leather jeans. And believe it or not, my Wesco Motor Patrol boots are light, too. These are the lightest Wesco boots I own.

My partner and I went to the local building supplies retailer early, hoping for no crowds. We were right: the weekend warriors slept in and avoided going out in the rain. My leather protected me just fine. We bought a few more annuals for our front garden — my partner can never have enough — as well as some other things we needed.

After that, I dropped my partner off and then picked up a few of my elder buds to take to the grocery store. There they are, nice prim & proper older ladies, with this leather dude helpin’ out. A guy in the parking lot noticed and said, “I guess it keeps you dry, huh?” Yep… sure does. Feels good, too.

I escorted my friends back into their homes — very very carefully as I learned my lesson about slipping and falling (and breaking a leg) when bringing an older friend home after grocery shopping on a rainy day. Then I went to care for my elderly aunt for a while.

When I arrived home, it was time to get cooking! Woo-hoo! Home-made ravioli and tomato sauce was prepared all afternoon. My partner and I can do this smoothly and we make a good team as we prepare one of our favourite “make-ahead” meals. We enjoy eating it on days when there is little time between arriving home from work and my having to leave to go to an evening meeting. I also am giving a batch to some friends who have experienced a devastating loss — their son — who was killed in a car crash a week ago.

As readers of this blog know, I like to wear leather as often as I can, and I have no worries about wearing full leather in public. However, I don’t like to sweat. Lightweight leather works great for these intermediate days when the temperature is mild, but not excessively hot.

Life is short: wear your leather!