Civic Life in Boots

Yesterday I attended three homeowner and civic associations’ annual meetings. I was asked to speak and give updates about various things going on in our community: the county budget and its impact on taxes we all have to pay; construction of the most expensive toll highway in the country, going right through our area (can you tell I’m not a fan?); and development projects in the area. This is what I do. This is my life. I do it as a volunteer.

… and I attended these meetings dressed comfortably in a pair of Wranglers, a t-shirt from the local university which has my state’s name on the front, and 17″ Chippewa engineer boots. Why those boots, in particular? To be honest, they were the first boots I saw in the closet this morning, and I know they are comfortable. I drove to the meetings outside my neighborhood on my Harley, so I wanted biker boots, not smooth-soled cowboy boots. The engineer boots are my newer of the Chippewa engineer boots that I own, so they look good. My older pair of these boots are kinda dirty with residual mud stains, so they wouldn’t look all that good when walking into someone’s home or civic meeting space.

As usual: not a single person of the hundreds of people before whom I spoke said a thing about the boots. No one ever does.

Life is short: contribute to your community!