Fitting It All In

“Busy” doesn’t define this past weekend. Lots and lots on the list, but lots got done. You read about our gardening chores for some of my elder buds in yesterday’s post. On Sunday, I did much more.

First, at dawn, I snuggled close to my partner, watching the sunrise, the birds chirp, and together, we planned our day. I got up, fetched the paper, and went to swim for an hour. Upon my return (before 8am, still), I prepared home-made waffles (the kind you make with flour, corn starch, baking powder, etc. Not from a mix).

After breakfast, I changed into biker gear (leather jeans, shirt, and tall lug-soled Chippewa boots). My partner started preparing our gardens to receive the plants we grew in our basement over the winter, as well as those which we bought on Saturday. I went to my Aunt’s home to check on her, feed her breakfast, and give her the meds she takes regularly. Then I went to a location where I joined some friends for a motorcycle ride.

I rode my Harley for about three hours. The ride was sweeeeet! The weather was cloudy and coolish — great “leather weather!” We rode throughout the Maryland byways on back roads with a good-sized group of some 15 bikes. I rode sweep (last), which I am finding is my favourite position. While it is a safety position, since all members of my group keep their bikes in tip-top shape, I don’t have to worry about someone having a breakdown. Instead, I just sit back, put my boots up on the highway pegs, and enjoy the view of the Harleys in front and the countryside to the left and to the right.

Side note: there were a lot of “Sunday bikers” out there. A “Sunday biker” is someone out riding his Harley, but wearing improper clothing and the worst: sneakers. At least the riders in my group always wear the right gear for the ride, including boots.

When I arrived home in the early afternoon, my partner and I enjoyed some lunch. After that, we planted away in our gardens. My partner loves do this, and it is my pleasure to help him.

When we were done at 4pm, we both were very tired. We shucked our clothes and got into the hot tub to unwind.

Dinner, served promptly at 6pm, included home-made pasta (made last week, so all I had to do was boil it), chicken, and a salad.

After dinner, I wrote this blog post, then shut down the computer. Bedtime rolls around early on these very busy days.

Life is short: get ‘er done!